Hayden Alexander White


As a graduate of Edinburgh University Masters of Architecture program I began studying Urban Design at Harvard Graduate School of Design with cross registration at MIT and am currently employed as Research Associate at the Harvard Ecological Urbanism Office in Beijing.

I have taught undergraduate architecture at Edinburgh as assistant tutor to Lisa Moffitt and Tolulope Onabolu for their respective courses. I have also received scholarships to attend semesters at OneLAB in Brooklyn under Mitch Joachim and IAAC in Barcelona.







Institute De France – Jacques Rougerie Foundation
Award for “Architecture of Sea Level Rise”                           
Winter 2013
AIA New York Merit Award for Urban Design
American Institute of Architects – New York Chapter                           
Summer 2013 


Design For Resilience                                                       
Boston Architectural College                    
Winter 2014
Venice Architecture Biennale                    
Summer 2014
National School of Architecture, Paris-Val-de-Seine – Paris                    
Spring 2014
NYC Masterplan Design                                                          
Smart City World Conference – Barcelona                          
Winter 2013
NYC Masterplan Design                                                          
London International Design Exhibition                           
Fall-Winter 2012  
Prawn Fishing Community Design
Edinburgh College of Art
Permanent Exhibition      
Urban Design Project 
Govenors Island City Hall, Manhattan
Permanent Exhibition    


NYC  Speculative Urban Design Project
RIBA + ARUP: Designing with Data: Shaping our Future Cities
Spring 2015
NYC  Speculative Urban Design Project
TED: City 2.0 Lecture Series – Berlin
Fall 2013
Architectural Design Project
Theory By Design Conference – Antwerp
Fall 2012
NYC  Speculative Urban Design Project
NYU Global Design Symposium – London
Fall 2012
Architectural Design Thesis 
[Edinburgh] Architecture Research Journal
Fall 2012
Architectural Design Project                                               
Studio Moffit                                                                              
Summer 2012  

Scholarship & Funding Award

Harvard Graduate School of Design                                           
Deans Merit Scholarship                                                                     
IAAC [Institute for Advanced Architecture, Catalonia]                                             
Scholarship | Single Semester                                                                         
Summer 2014  
Innovative Initiative Funding Award                                            
For the construction of an Interactive Aquaponics Installation            
Winter 2013  
OneLab [NYC] School for Architecture and Urbaneering                                               
Scholarship | Single Semester                                                                         
Summer 2012  

© Hayden White