Architectural Illustration

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Architectural illustration has become a discipline of individual nature and has degrees of dialect from each architectural establishment or school. Illustration here refers not to to CAD dependant renders in which the profession has become reliant but the drawing that encompasses a projects ideas and research. A ‘drawing’ that becomes the manifesto for a project and visual entry point into the soul of the parti.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Illustration as: an example or instance that helps make something clear [a picture or diagram that helps make something clear or attractive]. Thus the two embodying characteristics of such an inscription are clarity and beauty [attractive]. Professor Lisa Moffit’s architecture module [Explorations and Mediations] aims to establish an architecture built on un-faultering foundations of research and site exploration. Within this module a secondary role of representational identity has occurred organically. An undercurrent of etching-assistance has began to support student toward establishment of a ‘drawing identity’. A characteristic that shall underpin each project and allow clear representation of wealths of research. The primary focus of this role is in the creation of an over-arching Illustration that encompasses a projects ideals, and is both clear and enticing.

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