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Housing Mumbai’s Urban Poor

Not All Affordability Is Equal


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This project, with help from the affordable housing institute in Boston, assesses a prediction that slum and pavement dwellers have become an abstract commodity for developers in Mumbai working with the Mumbai Planning Department.

The most contemporary urban planning legislation for Mumbai incentivises the rehousing of slum dwellers by exchanging it for TDR (transferrable development rights) in the city. Our prediction when on the ground conducting interviews was that this system was being exploited by developers to leverage profits in wealthy districts and using it as a land-grab system while expelling slum dwellers to the city fringes and further afield.

Our analysis first breaks down the typologies available to slum dwellers before forging scripts to run detailed amenity analysis by identifying a range of criteria within google’s server engine code and creating amenity maps of walkable distance from set geo-locations.

This type of analysis set to break down the criteria of what would typically be considered “affordable” housing and broker an argument toward systematic resettling of Mumbai’s transformed slum communities so they may become a proponent of the ecumenic engine of Mumbai and its planning system instead of simply an outcome of an exploited system of urban restructuring and capital investment.

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